Cultivate, the Farm Africa Business Development Services (BDS) Regional hub for small and growing businesses (SGBs) is targeting to deliver an all-inclusive and impactful business skills training using scalable online delivery mechanisms to rural SGBs in East Africa. The training will stimulate the implementation and adoption of progressive business and technical practices leading to stable long term growth of the businesses.

What Cultivate is offering

Online business skills training

Cultivate has partnered with African Management Institute (AMI) in the delivery of a six months guided online business skills training.

Value chain specific technical support

Cultivate will provide value chain specific advisory on production and productivity, sourcing, commodity standards, markets and financial investment linkages.

Post training support

After the competion of the initial six months business training, virtual post training support will be provided for another six months.

Who we are working with

Cultivate is targeting rural small and growing agribusinesses in the early stage with annual revenues between $20,000-50,000 and those in the growth stage with annual revenues amounting to $50,000 and above. The enterprises should have been in operation for at least two years in Kenya, Tanzania and Ethiopia.

Why Cultivate?

Cultivate is leveraging Farm Africa’s over 35 years’ experience and understanding of the value chains and rural context within which many SGBs in the first mile operate.

Cultivate also has highly experienced staff in its field offices in Kenya, Tanzania and Ethiopia who have a deep understanding of unstructured value chains from production to marketing.